Fitness and Wellbeing

01 January 2019

This month sees the first non-food weekend event at Bowhouse with a fantastic line up of instructors to help motivate and encourage people to take more exercise. As it is at Bowhouse and food plays such a significant part of a healthy life, there are food demos and nutritional workshops. Over the next year we look forward to seeing more events which encourage people to become involved in the food network and have the chance to meet the producers, talk to the makers and eat with like-minded people.

During 2019 work to glaze over the old courtyard at Bowhouse will begin, creating a stunning indoor space which will benefit from the fantastic light and views to Newark Castle and the Forth. This additional space will allow use by smaller events, markets, food clubs and festivals. Work should be complete by the autumn and we are looking forward to seeing the space used regularly.

Farming a significant area with mixed livestock and arable enterprises, our drive towards a completely organic farming system continues adding another block of land to the conversion process. All eyes are on what deal is done when we exit the EU and with any spare thought going towards US trade deals. Both will have a significant effect on UK agriculture, but neither are within our control. Instead, we are continually striving to question our choices and how we do things, to make sure that we consider alternative approaches and are not stuck on rails heading in the wrong direction. Agriculture has successfully delivered cheap food since the 2nd WW, but this has come at a cost to everyone. There are few farmers who do not recognise the loss of biodiversity and decline of soil health, whist spending more on synthetic replacements for nutrition and disease control. The ever increasing cost and size of farm machinery directly effects the number of people employed in the industry. Perhaps now is the time to think carefully if following policy has created the vibrant community we want to see.

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