Nollaigh Chridhell

22 December 2018

As the calendar year come to an end it’s time to take stock of what we have in achieved which then gives us a better idea of what to focus on for 2019.
We started the mammoth task of replanting hedges and closing the gaps in the existing one. It will take us a long time to complete this project. We are using bare root trees this time different from the cell growing ones first used in the initial planting scheme. Using bare root plants mean we can only start planting from November but also that the trees have a better chance to acclimatize to their new environment.
We have been very busy to providing the trees for the Bowhouse Christmas market and the foliage to decorate the vast space. Once decorated and full of traders, the venue has a reel buzz about it and make us proud to have such an important part in the making of it.
December is also the time to share with family and friend from far and wide.

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