Provenance is of utmost importance to Balcaskie and our long-term objectives include a continuous improvement programme following the principles of Integrated Farm Management as set out by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming).

We are currently growing a mixture of Cereals, Wheat, Rye, Beans, Oats and Barley.

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Cereal crops

Cereals are grown for their nutritional yield. Using both ancient and modern verities, these crops are used for milling into flour and malting for beer and whisky.

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming focuses on restoring soils that have been degraded by the industrial, agricultural system. Its methods promote healthier ecosystems by rebuilding soil organic matter through holistic farming and grazing techniques. In short, regenerative agricultural practitioners let nature do the work.

We are changing the way we farm the land and re-learning skills lost over generations.

What is Regenerative Farming?

Sharing technology

GPS-technology ensures efficiency with precision farming; we share this and our ministry-approved weighbridge with other farms.