The Sheep Flock

Along with the cattle, sheep manage the grass and make the most of the fodder at Balcaskie. The expanding flock of Scotch Mules and Suffolk or Texel Lambs graze young grass in the first years and also graze the organic cereals in Spring to help strengthen them.

Expanding the flock

Ewes lamb from early March until mid May, matching the grass growth through the season.

Soil care and fertility

Some of the grazing is classified as ‘species-rich’ and is protected, so a low-stocking density is essential to maintain condition of these ancient grass leys. Newly sown grass leys and silage aftermaths ensure high-quality, clean grazing, while the term 'Golden hoof' claims the best crops of barley follow sheep grazing.

Mixed grazing

Mixed grazing allows grass to be managed at different lengths and improves grassland species diversity. Winter cover crops protect soil, capture water and feed soil biology.