Planting Whips

21 February 2019

Following the planting of the specimens the new areas of woodland have now been under-planted with smaller stock a mixture of trees that will help to fill in and maybe take over if some of the specimens do not take. Along with these, is a mixture of more shrubby plants that will form the under-story, these are mostly things like Hawthorn, Hazel and Holly.
However, we did try something a little bit different in one area we planted some North American choke berries a bit like a small Rowan, but with edible black fruits their native habitat is in damp woodlands in a neutral or acidic soil it also has good autumn colour. The great thing about choke berries is that they are thought to be the ultimate superfood with the highest possible rating of antioxidants. Not the sweetest fruit to eat on its own so it is often added to other foods, apparently in Lithuania they make a wine with it.
The planting of these 600 plus whips was a bit daunting as you do really need to dig a decent size hole if you want the root system to establish quickly and we do have quite heavy soil. It was decided to try using a motorised posthole borer this allowed us to dig a much deeper hole leaving a lot more loosened soil for the roots to easily grow into.
A little enhancement with the tree planting was to bring the woodland beyond the cattle fence right up to the edge of the North drive. This in time should make it look as if the road has been cut through the woodland on either side of the drive. It will also screen the North Lodge so when you do get there it will appear that the cottage is in the middle of the woodland.
We now anxiously await the signs of new growth coming out of the tops of the tree shelters !

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