Busy Times

07 February 2019

Robert and Andy have been quite busy, spreading FYM on 250 hectares of grassland. This was mainly spread on grass we will be cutting for silage or hay. It has all been applied at just over 10 tons per Ha so as you can see we had a fair few tons to shift. This is done to help maintain the nutrients in the soil, and promote plant growth, as the farm is organic it is one of the only forms of nutrients we can use.

It has been a very mild winter so far with the grass and crops very well advanced for the time of year. I hope we don’t pay for it later on!

We have started to feed the early lambing ewes in the run up to lambing at the start of March. This is done to help them transition from outside to being housed. We have had problems in the past with twin lamb disease (lack of energy in the ewes food ration). This year we took advice from an independent advisor to try and overcome this problem. The cows have all been through the handling system to get blood samples taken by a vet. These samples are then sent to a lab to test for a disease called Johnes. This causes digestive problems for the animal, preventing them from extracting energy and nutrients from their food. We have also been preparing for the start of lambing and calving.

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