Turning Over a New Leaf

28 March 2019

The last of the leaves on the beech hedges are hanging on and no more as Spring is on the way.
The forestry work in the amenity woodland started in late 2018 by a local contractor and is on the way to completion using a winch and a very small forwarder in order to minimize the disturbance to the habitat and species living there.
The small-scale forestry work is done in order to give more light reaching ground level and diversified the trees species growing there.
The forwarder does an amazing job extracting the timber leaving almost no marks.
The timber extracted is mostly sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus, left uncontrolled this can become very prolific and invasive. Of moderate size the timber will provide excellent firewood for logs or it will be chipped and used for our own biomass units.

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