Rosie Jack, Bowhouse Manager

03 February 2023


Changes at Bowhouse

In January and February things are very quiet at Bowhouse with many of the businesses taking a break before the busy Spring season commences so it’s the perfect time for us to make big changes on site. The whole corridor in Bowhouse has been freshened up with paint as well as the lean-to just to brighten things up. Jim and Poul installed this two way shipping container into the mounts at the back of Bowhouse. This is to allow us to connect the lean-to space with the wild-meadow meaning we can host outdoor events in this space. I’m excited to see what this looks like once the green grass and wild flowers are back.


Christmas Market 

Although this event was a few weeks ago now I wanted to highlight all the work that this team pictured did to pull of such a great Christmas market. We set up and decorated around 13 Christmas trees, hung in the rafters over 30 stars, decorated 150 gingerbread people, looked after two donkeys and saw over 4600 people come though the doors over two days. I would say that’s a success, well done team Bowhouse.


Christmas Tree Chipping

Each year at Bowhouse we invite our local community to recycle their Christmas trees with us at Bowhouse. Over January we allow people to drop their trees off at Bowhouse to be chipped at the end of the month. We do this because we hate seeing waste and we use the chippings in our compost. This year we are trialling adding the chippings to the cattle’s bedding that will then be spread onto the fields as dung. This allows for the carbon to be retuned back to the soil. This year the forestry team chipped over 120 trees and we even had a visit from STV who wanted to capture the chipping in action for their news bulletin.


Fife Collage Hospitality Take Over Event

This week I headed to Fife College in Kirkcaldy to host a Fife Flatbread workshop with around 100 secondary school students who have shown an interest in hospitality. This workshop was part of my Scotland Food and Drink ambassador project where I am trying to help inspire young people to take on careers in hospitality or food and farming. Nat from Falkland Kitchen Farm and I partnered up to host this workshop. We sourced nearly all of the ingredients from Fife including flour for the dough from Scotland the Bread, Veggies from East Neuk Market Garden and Falkland Kitchen Farm as well as Mozzarella cheese from the Buffalo Farm. It was a full on day and I hope the students walked away with not only a tasty pizza but maybe the idea that they might find a worthwhile career in hospitality.

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