Pigs, Pub and Progress

04 May 2018

After a long awaited start, we have begun renovation work on the Kinneuchar Inn. The property has seen several refurbishments and alterations over the centuries, and will now undergo, its most thorough one yet. The buildings distinctive “Lean” is due to unstable ground conditions beneath. Whilst providing plenty of character, it has proven a bit of a headache to stabilise.
With work now underway, we begin the 10 month renovation which will see the historic Inn re-open in February 2019, with much of the character remaining and some added stability.
The first two pigs from our youngest farmers, Kellie Meats, have made their final journey to Minick the Butcher. The Tamworth’s have spent almost a year clearing overgrown corners and undergrowth in woodland at Balcaskie. Being fed on home grown barley and beans, their diet was supplemented with the season’s excesses, from apples, to bread and beer from the producers at Bowhouse. We hope that they will feature more over time helping to clean and fertilise land organically, providing some tasty meat.
Progress on the land is well underway after a somewhat delayed start. This spring we have planted another 5 heritage wheat and rye varieties for milling by Scotland the Bread. This takes our tally up to 10 different varieties on 19 Ha of organic land. Having spent decades simplifying and specialising farming, we have begun a process of greater cropping diversity and focussing on quality for specific markets. We all look forward to sampling the output.

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