New Season, New Hedges

14 December 2020

That time of the year has come around again!

Let’s put away the brush cutter that is used to clear grasses from young trees and lets grab our planting spade!

As part of our organic conversion, we must create buffer zones in between organic and non- organic areas around the farm, and some of our fields.

We are planting Beech, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Holly & Hazel on new sites but also closing gaps in existing hedges.

With a team of local labourers, we are looking to plant 20,000 trees this year. Sounds a lot, and it feels like it when it is all done by hand.

A special mention must be said for our team, who are able to plant 1,900 in a day!

In our efforts to reduce plastic on the Estate, we purchased bio-degradable guards. They are double the cost of our usual plastic guards however will break down in years to come without adding anything negative to the environment.

We are using a vast mix of plants this year. Including some new species such a Sea Buckthorn along by Bowhouse. A plant which is not only tolerant to the sea air, but also carries edible berries. A few recipes can be found to transforms them into fruit jellies, or they can be added to beer during fermentation to add flavour.

Another addition to Bowhouse will be a new hedge specifically focused on wild gathering. It will be composed of Hazel, Crab Apple, Dog Rose, Blackthorn and Wild Cherry. In a few years some of the species will provide the basis for grafting more palatable fruits.

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