Mingle in the Woods!

20 February 2021

Well Spring has arrived with sun in the sky, a fresh breeze, and a wonderful display as always of our snowdrops, snowflakes and hellebores which are still looking very nice. And waiting in the wings, the daffodils, just waiting to take part and mingle in the woods. It is a stunning sight and makes you think of what great things are still to come and cannot help but get excited.

I am still trying to future proof the weed problem areas and with no major projects on this Winter it has been great to concentrate of some of the areas which do not get as much time spent on them as others but could do with that little extra bit of preparation to present them better. Thankfully, our garden compost is great quality, and I will be using this for mulching of all the formal beds within the garden. I have been lucky enough to get material, lovingly made up at the farm which is amazing mulching material and rather crumbly in texture. I am using this material for all the newly planted hedges, struggling hedges, roses, and fruit trees to help them along to produce hopefully yet another great display of blooms and fruits. This has been also used to help the Pines and limes on the East avenue.

As temperatures rise and days become longer, I look towards the jobs that are not far away from being able to be complete. We have the large cut flower beds in the Orchard which we have been reconfiguring the planning scheme, to make the planting symmetrical in layout and have a few to move once the frosts have passed. This will be a great display as always with some additions of Dahlias, alstroemerias, and maybe even some fragrant sweet peas if there is room. These beds have always had a wonderful display and with this change to layout I hope goes from strength to strength.

Another task I have been concentrating on is getting cuttings on apples trees and sea buckthorn. these will hopefully take and be additions to the roundels and policy planting schemes in the future. At this time of year there are some plants which need to be controlled and rejuvenated such as the Sambuca Nigra black lace which there are 3 on the top terrace long border. These have not been pruned in a few years so this march they will be pruned hard. This will result in a healthier stringer growth and better flowering next year and we will keep these loosely shaped to increase vigour.

It is great that the days now are showing signs of a freshness and although cold nights still to keep on top of the lawns I have been able to get an early mow on the Oval lawns and a fertilise of 9-7-7 Spring / Summer. This will help the grass get an early green up but not result in a lush weak leaf just in case we get a hard frost or that march snow flurry. I hope to be able to get to the other lawns to treat the moss and get these lawn more manageable for the future as a mossy lawns are neither enjoyable to look, or mow. These will all take time but that is one thing we sure have allot of lately. Hopefully, Spring will bring us fresh and bright gardens and I am sure we will make the most of them. Enjoy !

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