Liz Donald, Estate Caretaker

22 September 2022

I’ve been working at Bowhouse since the end 2018 and am responsible for cleaning Bowhouse, Comielaw and the Estate Office. I live nearby in Pittenweem so the commute isn’t far. I work 4 days a week 6am – 12pm, I really enjoy the early starts because I feel like I’m not wasting the day and when its quiet I get a lot done with no people about.

I’m responsible for cleaning and keeping everything tidy. I do weekly alarm checks which involves phoning the alarm company before hand and then setting off the alarm to make sure that everything is working ok and there are no issues. I also complete regular checks on the defibrillator, fire doors and extinguishers and the disabled toilet alarm as well as driving the forklift down at Bowhouse for any deliveries coming in or out.

Before a market weekend at Bowhouse I usually work with Rosie, the manager, and together we make sure all the stalls are in place, set up the tables and put out the bales. This has gotten easier over the years as we have gotten more organised and its much easier to move the stalls since we had wheels made for them which helps us a lot.

I also work during the market weekends which is a really good atmosphere, it’s lovely seeing all the traders and customers. One of my favourite bits is when a customer comes in for the very first time and seeing their first impression of Bowhouse’s main market hall. It’s usually ‘oh wow’ and that makes me smile.

Now and then we also have events in the main hall, this is a big job dismantling all the stalls and we try to get help with as much as possible as it takes a long time with just two people.

I often have little odd jobs that need doing to, this week I have been painting the bin barrels at Bowhouse and cleaned all the drains. I have been weeding all Summer and litter picking around the site to keep it clear and tidy for customers. We have had workmen in recently which can create a bit more mess than usual but I make sure that I keep on top if it.

It’s great to see the place changing and evolving over the time that I have been there. When I first started there weren’t may units taken but it’s been great seeing the different characters coming and seeing Bowhouse grow.

I am looking forward to seeing the mezzanine in the café getting finished, I think it will really enhance the look of the place and create another draw to Bowhouse.

Out with my role at Balcaskie I also work at Scotland the Bread, I got asked to help when I was on furlough, and I have been their ever since. I help mill the flour, packing orders and getting them ready to be sent out for delivery. It can involve a lot of heavy lifting so can be quite tiring, but I really enjoy it there to.

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