Little Farmer Childcare

12 April 2024

Hi, I am Jane Parsons from Little Farmer Childcare, based on Balcaskie at Easter Kellie.  I began childminding in 2008 from home, turning the playroom and kitchen at Easter Kellie Farmhouse into my place of work – helping to look after friends children when mine were pre-school.  From there the business grew and I took on an assistant in 2011 as more parents asked if I could help. The step to become a nursery came in 2012, when I was able to rent a converted traditional farm building just behind our house from the estate. This became the site for the business, expanding again in 2016 with staffroom and office in an adjacent building as our team grew.

We are registered through the Scottish Care Inspectorate to provide childcare for up to 18 children between 3 months and pre-school age at any one time.  The business is operated with 8 members of staff between the hours of 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year.

Our days begin at 8.00 when the first children are dropped off and we begin to prepare their breakfast. Eating together, the social connection is clear and children are encouraged to try new flavours and textures. Outdoor time is prioritised to make sure that there is plenty of fresh air and a chance to explore the garden and areas such as Kellie Castle woodland next door.

Lunchtime and a snooze for the smallest children give a chance for the older ones to read a story and have a quiet time, before more outdoor or art time. As you can imagine, there can be a significant time spent cleaning up after and changing children out of wet or dirty clothes.

 Following the Scottish Care Inspectorate guidance,  Curriculum for Excellence and Preparing Children for Work, begins at nursery age. Much of the activities are child-led, providing children with the chance to develop their interests and learn about subjects they have instigated.

Little Farmer Childcare has seen over 300 children develop and grow over the years, with lots of fun, muddy clothes, soil everywhere and visits around the farm,  supported 15 employees through childcare qualifications, seen 10 staff on maternity leave and built countless long-term friendships which endure over time. Our unique location, safe outdoor space, access to Balcaskie estate, beaches and a home from home environment has been the key which makes Little Farmer Childcare such a success.


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