Holistic Management

02 March 2019

Kinneuchar Inn. The extensive renovations continue with pace and we are delighted now to have completed the destructive phase of building and begun the constructive phase. With the restaurant roof now back on, the kitchen and butchery now built, electrician and plumbers have been working hard to install all of the services.
There remains a lot to do before the first pints can be pulled, but now discussions with the brewery and suppliers have begun, it certainly feels closer to completion.
In mid-February, we hosted 20 farmers on a  training session with the Soil Association. The course held over 3 days was aimed at farm planning with particular attention on balancing environmental, social and economic output. With training provided by the excellent Tony McQuail from Canada who practices regenerative farming techniques, three of us from Balcaskie listened intently for the duration and learned a huge amount about managing land for long term benefit.
As a result of the course, we will be embarking on a series of trials which are aimed at improving soil health and improve profitability at the same time. We have been encouraged with the results of our two year Mob Grazing trials which have been able to demonstrate visible improvement in soil structure with extended grazing season as a bonus.
One of the significant alterations to our beef breeding programme is the introduction of more native genetics. Dave purchased a new Aberdeen Angus and a Lincoln Red Bull (from Tayport!) at the Stirling Bull sales earlier last month. These new bulls will form the backbone of our suckler cow herd and with these improved genetics, our stock will make better use of grass for fattening, gradually eliminating the need to feed cereals.

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