Fife Campers

13 October 2023


I have been converting camper vans for around 7 years now. I moved into my current workshop with Balcaskie in February 2021.

Similar to many other small businesses I began converting vans at home in my driveway in evenings and weekends while working as a full time Joiner after doing an intensive VW Camper Van Conversion course.

I was juggling joinery with renting camper vans and converting vans, I quickly realised I needed a workshop away from home to get my garage and driveway back and get some much needed dry space to convert countless VW vans.

I eventually had to give up my daytime joinery job to concentrate on van conversions full time.

After a few years trying to get the right work balance I now have enough work to concentrate on on converting my own VW T6 camper vans to sell and also installing elevating roofs for customers on VW T6 and Caddy Vans.

I can’t imagine not being self employed now and I love the remote location of my workshop on the Balcaskie Estate, most other Conversion companies are located on industrial estates in towns and cities which is something I have avoided so far.

My daily work schedule is either installation of elevating roofs or working on a full conversion. All conversion work follows a very similar process, making sure all bodywork, seating etc is protected prior to works, lots of stripping vans out and prep.

An elevating roof installation involves cutting of part of a van roof, adding strengthening frame and fitting a fibreglass roof with canvas. This takes around 3 days and can transform a van giving an extra bed and a lot more headroom.

After a few years and many conversions later I still find it very exiting to take a bare panel van and transform it into a 4 Berth Self reliant Camper Van to explore far and wide.

Winter time is very much about converting campers for the next holiday season and although there are less enquiries in the winter conversion never stops.

Camper vans are used all year round from kids holidays to essential overnight accommodation in remote locations in Scotland and beyond.



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