Continuing The Pace

07 November 2022

We never seem to get used to the clocks changing and the dark evenings meaning the day can only be extended so long at this time of year. Still with plenty to do, and less time to do it, the pace seems to continue.

Our tups have been busy already, setting the scene for next years lambing season, and judging by the multicoloured rear ends of our ewes, there has been more than a little romance! We use teaser tups for a couple of weeks prior to introducing the real tups. The teasers are vasectomised male sheep who bring on the natural cycle of the flock so that when the real tups join them, the ewes are in sync – keeping the lambing season compact and more efficient.

Our new recruits have now joined us from Lincolnshire, all being collected and delivered by W Walker of Strathkinness in their fancy wagons. We were extremely lucky to receive a whole herd from Duncan Clark who was sad to be selling his herd. However, being able to keep the whole family together and increase our own herd has been a real boost.

Our Tamworth sows have been farrowing  nice and steadily after the summer visit from Laurence, kindly loaned to us by Cambo. The addition of plenty of windfall apples has been much appreciated by our porcine herd. Soon the first piglets will be weaned and will join our new boar for company (he’s only a few months old). Boris as he has been named will hopefully live up to his namesake and father many children while being a bit of a rogue.

A new project headed up by the Anstruther Improvements Association is undertaking water quality monitoring on the Dreel Burn, with a view to improve the watercourse for all. Our first visit from NatureScot was a fascinating insight into what the problems are and how to mitigate them. As this area of Fife has many old coal mine workings, the sulphurous smell from the bed of the burn is likely to be a relic from industrial activities of the past centuries. Some of this will mean any work undertaken which could disturb the silts and residues, will need to be handled with care to prevent problems further downstream.


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