Collecting Data

25 April 2019

The days are getting longer and this, as far as nature is concerned, is a fresh start. This is, for us, the best month to see which species have come up trumps after the winter battles by counting our bio indicator species like partridges, now paired up, and hares now out of there “march madness”
This month also saw the launch of our new program for wader’s survival. Managing the recovery of corn bunting on the coastal part of the estate, we have extended our count area to the center of the estate. This also coincides with our mob grazing part of the project in an area potentially beneficial for ground nesting birds such as curlews and other waders which have been in decline. This count will take place over the next few months.
In order to monitor the soil recovery of the farm in our organic conversion, we have started, with the help of the soil association, to collect data around the farm. A few simple tests will give us a baseline to reach our goal of better soil health to pass on to future generations.

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