Bright Delight

24 April 2020

Spring has arrived with rays of sunshine and heat! What a clear contrast from the vast amount of heavy rain that drenched us this past winter.

This recent spell of dry weather coupled with the late delivery of seeds, due to present restrictions, mean we have changed our plan in using the new type of game cover mix designed for Partridges. The mix contains a rich variety of grasses that include triticale, sunflowers, sweet fennel, lucerne, kale, fodder radish, mustard, camelina, chicory, teasel, vetch and perennial rye. We look forward to using this next year when it is more readily available.

Instead, we have opted to use the RSPB Corn Bunting mixed with added sunflower seeds for this year.

This tried and tested wild bird cover does deliver as an adequate alternative and has proven to be successful in providing nesting cover and habitat for Partridges.

The spring grey Partridge pair count is done.  We have a good distribution of pairs throughout the estate this year and if the weather holds, fingers crossed, this should bring on a good breeding season.

Curlews, Oyster Catchers, Golden Plover are trying to nest on fields that were used for mob grazing this winter! The cow pat rich grasses and roughness in the ground made by hooves should provide ideal habitat for nesting. We are hoping to catch the action with our new Nature Watch remote camera.

The number of people enjoying the great outdoors recently has increased drastically. We would like to remind people to keep their dogs on the lead whilst walking, not only because of lambs and calves, but also for newborn Roe Deer that are hiding in the woods and hedges.

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