Balcaskie Gardens

The garden's terraces and vista are inspired by French Baroque gardens, such as Vaux-le-Vicomte. These were restored in the 18th century and the parterre was designed in the 1840s by WA Nesfield.

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The Bass Rock

Balcaskie gardens include three broad terraces aligned on the Bass Rock, the famous landmark of the River Forth.

Scotland’s Gardens

The estate’s head gardener collaborates with the National Trust for Scotland (NTS), opening the gardens to the public each year under the Scotland’s Gardens scheme, which has supported the NTS Gardens Fund since 1952 and now supports many other charities annually.

This years openings of Balcaskie house gardens will take place in the spring as part of the Scotland's Gardens Scheme Fife spring trails.

Several gardens in the locality will open on days that will enable you to visit different gardens in the same day. The timing for Balcaskie will be 3 consecutive Friday afternoons in late April and early May.

At this time our Rhododendrons and Magnolias in the American garden should be looking majestic and the surrounding woodlands should be looking good with spring bulbs including three cornered garlic and spring snowflakes.

It will also be a good opportunity to see the renovations in other parts of the gardens.

Apr 19th 2019 1pm - 4pm

Apr 26th 2019 1pm - 4pm

May 03rd 2019 1pm - 4pm



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Balcaskie Gardens FAQ

  • When can I visit the gardens?

    The gardens are open to visitors on specific dates during  the summer – follow the website and Balcaskie Facebook for more information