A Roof at the Inn

03 December 2018

Progress at the Kinneuchar Inn with the ongoing renovations have turned a corner. The building has been stabilised and new internal strength added to sure up the “distinctive list”. Attention has now turned to construction with all of the demolition complete. The building has been re-roofed (with the old pan tiles) and we look forward to re-opening in summer 2019. Our new Innkeepers will be making the move from London to take over the Inn when it is completed and are currently making plans and menus!

Another addition to the East Neuk new businesses this month has seen The Old Mill House baker and café open for the first time at Bowhouse. Chris Jacobs will be honing his skills with the new wood-fired oven and producing bread and Pizzas with flour milled yards away by Scotland the Bread.

Our Christmas Bowhouse Food Weekend was another outstanding success, with over 5000 people attending over the two days and stallholders struggling to keep up with demand for the unique products on sale. Tea Green Popup events co-ordinated the 34 craft stalls with the space including over 45 food and drink stalls. Bowhouse has managed to find its rhythm with events every second weekend of the month and during 2018 saw a total of 34,000 visitors, making it the East Neuk’s largest tourist attraction.

December is a good time of year to reflect on what we do and take the opportunity to visit other businesses who are similar in many ways, but choose to do things a little differently. A visit to Herefordshire to learn more about grass fed cattle sounds like it should be second nature, but the lessons learned by farmers who have cattle outside all year and feed no cereals are topical at the moment with environmental concerns over greenhouse gas emissions from cattle and sheep. Learning how we can use grass to capture carbon in the soil one statistic stood out;

If the carbon content of soil in an area the size of Europe increased by just 1% – it would absorb more than all of the CO2 emitted since the industrial revolution.

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