Hannah Munro, Forestry and Estate Student

20 May 2024

I have been a Balcaskie for a year and a half and one of the first jobs I helped complete on the estate was the chipping of Christmas trees at Bowhouse. The chip made was then used for bedding the lambing shed.

I helped out at lambing on weekends and learnt a lot as it was my first time properly learning first hand and close up of what to do. Getting the opportunity to do this has been very beneficial as this year (2024) I went off for 2 weeks and was a lambing assistant at Barony Campus (SRUC). If you want to do something that isn’t forestry based throughout the estate, definitely don’t be afraid to ask as this is what I have done and have been lucky enough to work with everyone on the estate team. I have learnt new skills from everyone and feel so lucky to have been a part of this team!


The great part about living with the other students is that you don’t feel alone. You always have someone to talk to and I can say without a doubt I have made friends for life with my housemates.


Going to East Fife Annual dinner dance with some of the team at Balcaskie is always a good night!





Back to the work…. Planting at Balcaskie is always a busy season. It starts with beating up in the summer time to starting hedge planting November time then onto planting trees.

One of my projects that I was given was to create ‘Munro Plantation’. I was in charge of choosing the tree species, the layout and the tree protection. This area was deer fenced so I also turned my hand to help out Jim and Poul to put up the fence.

Here is Munro Plantation enjoying the sun after many days of planting in the rain!


Other jobs I have been involved with have included mainly maintaining the woodlands throughout the estate. The maintenance has included giving plantations their first thinning. I am very grateful for being able to work alongside Reuben. I have learnt a lot from him, and he has given me the confidence on the saw to go and undertake my tree felling tickets. I appreciate the time he has taken to teach me, and the next student is very lucky to be learning from him.

It’s that time of year again when it is all go in the gardens mowing grass, cutting back and finishing off the pruning. This is some mowing of the middle terrace, enjoying the sunshine.

One of the big projects last year was to put in metal edges in all the top terrace lawns. This was such a good project as I got to learn to drive the digger and dumpers. With the weather not always being on our side we always kept the spirits up and had a laugh.






I have loved every second working at Balcaskie. I am so lucky to have met the people I have and have worked with the most welcoming team.

 Me and Gavin delivering some flower displays to the Balcaskie house. Needed more hands but luckily all arrived in one piece!!



Thank you to everyone at Balcaskie who have made my time the best!


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