Spring Seeds

31 January 2019

January has so far been a good dry month all the winter crops are looking well, with no bare patches in any of the fields. We have dressed the seed for sowing in the spring, 9 ton of Paragon Spring Wheat and 4 tons of Spring Beans. This is all done by a contractor who cleans out any rubbish (small seeds and straw) and weighs it into large ½ ton bags. The rest of the month has been taken up with maintenance jobs on fences and sheds. We have also ploughed 2 grass fields that we had cows out wintered on until after Christmas.
It has been a very good month for the livestock outside. The March and April lambing ewes are all looking well and in good condition. We brought the April lambing ewes in to PD on the 31st of the month. They scanned at 183% which is about average. They were split into different lots Singles, Twins and Triplets which makes it easier to manage their condition.
We also sold the first batch of prime organic cattle for this year. 24 were sold to Scotbeef at Inverurie. The 4 heifers averaged 306Kg dead weight and the steers averaged 366Kg dead weight. The last of the cull cows were also sold this month to ABP in Perth.

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