Pens, Preparation & Planning

08 February 2021

The first of the cows have returned to the cattle sheds in preparation for calving this month – and with the “dreich” February so far – they are glad to be in. We are also preparing the lambing shed in anticipation of the first lambs being born at the end of this month, so our new pens are being installed at the moment to improve the conditions for both sheep and team.

Scanning the April lambing flock earlier this month, the Scotch Mule flock averaged 191% (1.91 lambs per ewe) with the ewe lambs averaging 96% – about perfect as they are better off with one good lamb than two poor lambs to rear.

Fields are saturated at the moment, but we have been busy repairing old field drains and cleaning ditches to help water exit the land and in hope that when it dries up, the soil will once again be able to breath. Always like a lucky dip when exploring for field drains, the skill of locating then, understanding how they were intended to flow is vital. When many of these clay tiles were laid in the 1800’s with spades and Irish Navvies, they were done so without the benefit of laser levels and hydraulic diggers. The schemes installed if well maintained are still in good order and a credit to our predecessors.

Bowhouse Link expanded its reach this month, with the addition of Dundee to its delivery route. Having established a loyal following in Fife, the wider reach north of the Tay has been made possible by streamlining our delivery system and we are delighted to welcome customers who normally would be regulars at the monthly markets to be able to shop on the weekly online food market.

Log on to the Open Food Network and see if we deliver to your area.

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