New Stock

01 October 2019

Harvest 2019 was finally completed on 1st October, with the last fields of Spring Wheat being cut and baled at Bowhouse, ready for the Scottish National and European Vintage Ploughing match on the 26th and 27th October. This seasons harvest was punctuated by some periods of heavy rain which have created wet ground conditions for planting of next years crops. Andy and Robert have been busy establishing more herbal ley grass for the increased organic area and are about to begin planting an increased area of milling wheat and rye on organic land for Scotland the Bread in 2020.

Making a commitment to establish a Lincoln Red herd here at Balcaskie, a trip to the “Golden Triangle” of the breed in Lincolnshire proved to be successful earlier in September. Purchasing breeding females from 8 herds in the area, along with those we have purchased from St Fort in Fife brings our breeding female tally to 81 Lincoln Reds. We also took the opportunity to purchase some breeding bulls ready for next year. We are looking forward to welcoming the new arrivals at Balcaskie later this month.

On a stock purchasing spree – the Kelso Tup sales in mid-September is an experience not to be missed. Selling over 5000 tups (male breeding sheep) the sales are the largest in the UK. Buyers from all over the UK bid for the best tups and we were lucky to have managed to secure four new Suffolk Tups ready for use on our early lambing flock.

Adding to the breeding sheep flock, 250 Mule ewe lambs arrived in mid-September from Woodhall Farm in East Lothian. Half of them will be put to our new Shetland Tups this season to see if lambing at a year old using an easy lambing breed such as the Shetland will help to reduce lambing difficulties in subsequent years.

The Kinneuchar Inn is finally open! With a few “soft opening” dates held for the village and locals, the official opening night on 25th September, co-in sided with a visit from Clinton Devon Estates to Balcaskie. Taking the opportunity to complete the visit with a fantastic meal based on locally grown and raised ingredients, the opening night was well received by all.

We wish James and Alethea all the very best in their new premises and judging by the quality of food served, they will be booked up well in advance.

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