Leigh Ryan, Accounts Receivable

14 July 2022

I started with Balcaskie Estate in January 2017 taking care of the Farm and pub invoices and it is amazing to see how the Estate has grown and diversified over the years. After coming back from maternity leave I took on more of the sales ledger tasks for all of our Estates.

On a weekly basis I run rents and Direct Debit collections for all of our Estates which include Balcaskie, Watten, South Kensington, Hascombe and Barlavington.  You would think this is a simple task but in order to ensure we bill correctly you have to input the data from the lease into our software package called Horizon – some people think this is clunky but it is a clever piece of kit.

I take care of the purchase ledger side of things for our Balcaskie and Watten Estates, this involves coding and posting the invoices to ensure we record that any expenses against each property to ensure that we know how much each of them cost us – it does sometime involve some investigation work to find out where things are for!

I also take care of the property admin for our Balcaskie and Watten Estates – unfortunately this means I am the one that calculates any rent increases and I must ensure the system is updated to make sure it bills out correctly too.

This week I have been down in our London office to get some training, go over processes and attend some meetings. I am very lucky that this trip has tied in with the Summer Event that my colleagues in London are having so I have been able to attend this, which is great as it is a good chance for some team building. I do work more directly with a lot of our London colleagues with the Sales Ledger / Accounts Receivable work I now do.

I have only ever been to London for work so I am looking forward to being a tourist here soon!

It’s then back home to Scotland on the train then it’s straight back into the mum role!

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