A Busy Livestock Month

24 November 2018


With most of the arable work completed last month it has been a fairly quiet time for any arable work. We still have 2 fields to plough but one needs to be spread with FYM, and the other one still has some Luing cows grazing it. Having said that Andy and Robert have still had enough to do, they have been extending the carpark behind Bowhouse, to accommodate the ever increasing demand for more parking spaces. They have also been busy in the workshop repairing and altering feed barriers.


We have been very busy with the livestock this month, all spring born calves have been weaned. They have all had their backs clipped to prevent them from sweating, also they have been vaccinated for pneumonia. We do all this at North Baldutho before they are transported to Lochty to be housed for the winter. They will all be weighed next month, and faeces samples taken to check for worms and fluke. All the finishing cattle have now been clipped and weighed, with an average weight gain of 1.0kg per day at grass. We have also had a busy month sorting out the cows for the winter. All the cows that ran with the bull have now been PD using an ultrasound scanner. Of the 263 cows that went to the bull 14 were barren 6 are having twins and the rest are having 1. The percentage barren is 5.3% which is very good this year. The rams were put out with the 375 April lambing ewes on the 13/11/18, and they all seem to be doing their job! We will not know how well until the ewes are PD in late January next year.

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