Autumn Is The Time

03 October 2022


Harvest was completed on the 16th of September with the final fields of wheat, beans and rye being harvested in perfect conditions. With Scott taking the helm on the combine, he has proven his ability on the “big boys toys” and judging by the smile on his face – next harvest can’t come soon enough! The beans, grown for Hodmadodds in Suffolk are destined for human consumption as snacks. The quality looks excellent with no damage from Bruchid Beetle. This little burrowing beetle is now common in the south and so growing the crop further north reduces the crop damage. We will be growing these again as they are an excellent break crop and fertility builder, while providing superb nectar source for Clement’s bees (East Neuk Bees)

The Autumn is the time to add new breeding livestock to the farm, sourced from farms all over Scotland and as far as Norfolk for the Lincoln Red cattle. Having already received all of the replacement breeding sheep, tups and ewe lambs, our attention turns to securing replacement breeding heifers and bulls for the cattle herd. This year, Cameron has been on tour in the Golden Triangle of Lincolnshire and ventures into Norfolk for a few very rare Lincoln Red Original Population (can trace their breeding back to the 1800’s) The highlight was meeting Hedley Needler, one of the oldest breeders of the oldest herds – at 104 yrs old, he is a legend and made us stand to think about the late Queen Elizbeth II before we had tea, as she was so young….

Jeremy had a brain wave earlier this year and instigated the fencing off of an area in woodland where we had cleared felled trees. By introducing the pigs to this and enabling them to root up the soil, disturbing the natural seedbank and enabling natural regeneration to populate the land with native mixed species trees. Having seen how efficient the pigs were in other areas on the estate – it’s a trial well worth pursuing. The pigs love their new habitat and look at home in the brash. Only leaving us wondering how we will get them out again.

Finally, our new Mezzanine has been installed at Bowhouse, providing a 1st floor outdoor seating area for the Café at Baern. The structure will be completed over the next week or so, and although we may have missed the best of the weather, the chance to sit outside and look at the view over Newark Castle and Forth beyond will be well worth a visit.

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