Accelerating into 2022

12 January 2022

Happy New Year and let’s hope that 2022 brings normality back to what has been dominating thoughts for the past two years and shaped changes to our lives. If nothing else, the changes we have seen are predominantly things which were changing already but have now been accelerated – so here’s to more of the good things and less of the bad.

January provides time to plan for the busy periods to come with the opportunity to investigate new ideas and look back at what worked – and what didn’t. We are very lucky to be involved in an industry which holds enormous potential for improving our environment, for the benefit of biodiversity, communities and ourselves. Appreciating the positive changes on the estate which have been taking effect over the last decade is a real tonic for short days and long nights.

We have welcomed some new faces again, with Scott Ramage joining the farm and estate team, bringing not only a wealth of skills in all things rural, but also a bit of brotherly rivalry for his younger sibling Ewan. Chris Thomson joins as Forestry Manager and the timing couldn’t be better after the destruction of Storm Arwen and need for increased woodland management to prevent future damage to this extent. Chris started his career in Cupar, before moving to Australia and Norway, so the sunny East Neuk is clearly a draw.

The hedge and tree planting teams have been storming ahead with near perfect planting conditions and enthusiasm which knows no bounds. Jeremy’s team of Neil, Gordon, Alex and Logan have completed the woodland plantings and gapped up unsuccessful trees from earlier planting, moving onto new hedgerow creation at pace.

Scanning the early lambing ewe flock is much like a lucky dip – you have no idea what to expect. But this year we have been lucky with the average ewe carrying 1.96 lambs – a perfect result considering we have many first time expectant mothers. With ample grass still growing, the issue now will be more about their body size as some have gained a few pounds pre lambing….

A surprise calf born in January, three weeks early greeted Cameron one morning. We have checked the dates, and this heifer must have been either blessed by the gods of Lincoln Reds, or had her calf early and perfectly formed – if on the small side. Both cow and calf are in great health – lets hope this is a sign of calving to come.



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