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05 February 2024

This month we are hosting a series of event at Bowhouse, staring with RHET (Royal Highland Education Trust) which brings school children out onto farms to learn about how their food is produced. The trust has done some amazing work connecting children with food and land use, even in a rural area where children are surrounded by food production, the opportunity to understand what they see remains important.

Secondly, we will be hosting an event to highlight and encourage the circular economy which exists on the estate. With over 40 businesses occupying commercial units and space, many already work closely with one another, but understanding what skills and expertise exist within the estate and how each business can benefit from another, or share common suppliers, customers or staff seems to make sense. A short intro into each business and the chance to meet and put faces to names will be possible followed by lunch being provided by Amy and Jack from Stock Events who are a new business moving into Bowhouse this month.

Lastly we have the Scottish Festival of Real Bread on 24th of February which will include  the first screening in Scotland of Six Inches of Soil – the inspiring story of British farmers standing up against the industrial food system to heal the soil, benefit our health and provide for local communities – followed by a discussion on how healthy grains from healthy soils are the foundation of Real Bread.

Back on the farm, the heifers are now in the maternity wing and calving has begun. With over 140 first time mothers on the wing, monitoring them closely is critical. To assist we have cameras which can zoom in on animals to watch their progress without disturbing them. In addition we are trialling “MooCall” which is a device fitted to a cows tail when they are close to calving and will send an alert signal to notify the start of calving. Technology like this minimises stress on the animals and provides the team with the ability to monitor a large herd concentrating efforts on problems.


Hannah Munro our forestry student as part of her placement has designed and planned a new plantation (Called Munro Plantation) based on a brief set. Over the past month the deer fencing has been installed, rabbit netting applied and planting begun. By using deer fencing and rabbit netting, the intention is to remove the need to use plastic tree guards. There are alternatives, but both supply and efficacy are yet to make these alternatives a suitable option. We worked out that the cost of installing tree guards and then removing and disposing of the single use plastic is equivalent to the deer fencing – So fingers crossed.


On the subject of deer – the estate has a very healthy population of Roe Deer, which benefit from the herbal grass fields and woodland created. It provides a harvestable surplus each year which need to be culled to manage a healthy population and reduce grazing pressure on new trees and hedges. As luck would have it they are in season and the venison produced is absolutely delicious, so we are offering venison meat boxes through the Butchery at Bowhouse – stock up before the season ends. If you are keen to try some, pop in and see Euan and Romain. It also makes a great gift for family and friends and can be delivered.

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