Bowhouse Production

Bowhouse is a place for making. The East Neuk has a growing number of people, passionate about food and keen to develop their interest into a living. Working with the best ingredients and marketing to the vibrant local and tourist markets enriches the lives of both the producer and customer.

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Bowhouse makers

Transform raw ingredients from the East Neuk's farms and waters into finished products, ready for eager customers and food-loving visitors.

Unit facilities

There is a range of sizes of production unit, with more planned. All units have temperature control, full Environmental Health requirements and mains gas, electricity and water.

Information Sheet

Bowhouse Production FAQ

  • How do I find about applying for production space

    Contact or ring 01333 720200

  • Can I apply for production space if I am just starting up my business

    The units at Bowhouse are primarily aimed at anyone with a passion for food and drink production, for those taking the first steps in setting up their own business

  • My business is not food production but is a related product, can I apply for space?

    We welcome all enquiries especially if your business or ideas relate to or have a connection to the production of food and drink and/or is associated with tourism and the East Neuk